Hitomi (Saitama)


Hitomi was born and grew up in Hokkaido. She came to Tokyo after graduating high school to do office work. She soon met her husband and they set up home near Tokyo. She has lived here in Tokyo ever since. Her mother liked kimono, but they were poor, so kimono were really special and were only worn on very special occasions. Her mother made a yukata for her. However, when Hitomi married, her family made a big effort to gather together enough kimono for her trousseau. Hitomi really appreciates the effort that was made by her mother, in spite of their difficult financial situation.

Hitomi has 212 kimono, including kimono that she keeps for her daughter and grand-daughter. Half of them are kimono from recycle kimono shops or flea markets, another third are from her family members and one sixth are order made. The majority of her collection are komon, tsumugi and summer casual wear. She also has a few formal kimono for special occasions, and she can sew cotton kimono herself. About 4 years ago, when her husband decided they would renovate their house, he let Hitomi make the second floor into her ideal kimono storing space. There was an oshiire (closet to store bedding) between two bedrooms. As they are 90cm deep, she put up a wall in the middle, making two closets 45 cm deep, with doors on both sides, one in each bedroom. She then shelved each side to make it ideal for kimono storage. Her side has sliding doors with full length mirrors and a tatami mat changing area. The storage has been designed around her kimono collection.

一美さんは北海道で生まれ育ちました。お母さまは着物がお好きでしたが暮らし向きがあまり豊かではなかったため、着物はとても特別なもので、晴れの日しか着られないものでした。それでも一美さんに浴衣は作ってくれました。一美さんは高校を卒業後、上京し働き始め、その後すぐ結婚しました。 その時には実家のご家族が大変な努力をしてお嫁入り道具として着物を揃えてくれました。一美さんはお母さまに感謝の気持ちでいっぱいです。結婚後は東京近郊で暮らしました。お嬢さまが生まれた後はお花と着付けを教えていました。


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