Minako (Tokyo)



Minako belongs to the under 34 year old group, is single and was born in Akita prefecture, now living in Tokyo. She is working as a freelance image identity designer. She likes Japanese traditional culture; for example, attending tea ceremonies or writing calligraphy. She started to have an interest in kimono from about two years ago. Before that, she was dressed in kimono on 7,5,3 ceremonies and in yukata on summer festivals during her childhood. Also, she was dressed in kimono that her mother prepared for her when she became an adult.

Since Minako’s mother has been learning to play the koto, a Japanese table harp, almost all her mother’s kimono collection are homongi or gorgeous kimono for the stage. But Minako did not have any interest in those types of kimono. She could not imagine herself in those types of kimono because she did not have the opportunity to wear them and it is difficult to replace her ordinary clothing with that kind of kimono for everyday dress.

However, after she attended a lecture about the new style of thought for kimono in an open college, she started to attend the sale events of a kimono shop to find her own style. As she started to tailor her taste in kimono, she realized that her taste is totally the opposite type of her mother’s kimono. Minako likes bluish and greenish colors, which are sober and chic.

Minako learnt how to wear kimono last year from her mother. She plans to wear kimono two days a month this year. She wears kimono when she attends events or when people gather together. Attending business parties in kimono is good for her because people will remember her well.

She enjoys changing the color combinations, fabric types and also kimono accessories, as she is a designer. Kimono is a good medium for her to express herself.

She owns 10 kimono in her Tokyo residence. She also has a chest that she keeps at her family home in Akita. 8 of her 10 kimono are tsumugi and komon. She has 1 homongi and 1 tsukesage. 3 kimono are tailored and the others were from her family.

美奈子さん、34歳以下の年齢のグループ、独身。秋田で生まれ、現在は東京にお住まいです。フリーでデザインのお仕事(パーソナル アイデンティティ デザイン)をされています。お茶会に時々参加したり書道が好きだったりと、日本の伝統的なことに興味があります。着物にご自分から興味を持ったのは2年前からです。それまで、子供の頃は七五三や夏祭りに着物や浴衣を着せてもらい、大人になってからもお母さまが美奈子さんのために作った着物を着せてもらっていました。





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