Mika – Influences


I don’t have many memories of kimono from my family. I remember the ceremonies for 7,5,3 coming of age and graduation, but on those occasions I wore rental kimono and I was dressed at the photographic studio. My first influence was probably becoming aware of my Japaneseness, when I was living in England. For the first time, I was made to acknowledge that I was Japanese. I suppose that made me aware of Japanese culture, a bit. Then I liked the feeling of wearing a hakama at aikido. It made my posture really good, and I liked that feeling a lot. Then I suppose that the third influence was the wedding I went to when I borrowed a light purple kimono from one of my relatives. It looked really good and I was moved by that. Then I wanted to get one like that for myself. I have taken a few free lessons and my friend gave me a kimono to practice with. I made a similar kimono and wanted to wear it for a relative’s wedding.


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