Mika (Tokyo)



Mika is in group 2, (35-44) age group, living in Tokyo. She is a busy housewife, looking after her three young children at the moment. Mika lived in England from ages 11 to 15 and then again for two years as a student. Mika’s experiences of kimono are that she remembers going to the photographic studio for her 7,5,3 ceremonies, and then again at coming of age, (20) and for her university graduation. On these occasions the kimono was rented and she was dressed at the studio. She only remembers her mother wearing kimono on very special occasions, and thinks that her mother gave her kimono to her older brother’s wife. When she was 22, Mika started practicing aikido. She is taking a break from aikido now because of her children, but wants to do it again in the future.

One of her aikido friends who is also a tea ceremony teacher, gave her a tsumugi kimono to practice dressing. Mika took some free lessons. However, she does not feel confident about her skills yet.

Mika has 19 kimono all together. Almost all of them she has been given by her aunt or her mother-in-law. As she is not confident in dressing, she has not used them yet. A third of them are unlined tsumugi, and another third are tsumugi or komon. Then she has her one homongi, one iro muji and two yukata, and her husband’s kimono and yukata.


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