Lynn Yuki (Tokyo)



Lynn Yuki is in the under age 35 age group. She is a single office worker in Tokyo. She was born and brought up in Nagano and came to Tokyo for work. Her hobbies are cooking, surfing, DJ-ing and kimono. She can wear her mother’s kimono because they are the same size. Lynn Yuki has more kimono at her family house in Nagano. They are what she calls “the good ones”. She does not keep valuable kimono in Tokyo. Lynn Yuki usually buys ready made kimono, often used ones for 2,000 to 15,000 yen. She also buys kimono from popular contemporary brands. She uses the internet as well as recycle shops. She cannot wear kimono for work, so she wears it about 3 times a month, at weekends. She has been wearing it for three years now. She learnt at a kimono school for three months. Each year she enjoys making a photo book of her different kimono outfits that year. She has almost 30 kimono, over a third of them are komon. The others are summer wear, an iro muji and two homongi, and a tsumugi kimono.

Lynn さん、34歳以下の年齢のグループ、独身。長野で生まれ育ち、現在は東京で会社員をしています。料理、サーフィン、DJ、そして着物が趣味です。 Lynnさんのサイズがお母さまとほぼ同じため、お母さまの着物を着ることができます。お手持ちの着物のうち、訪問着など高額で良い着物は長野のご実家に保管していて東京には置いていません。Lynn さんの普段着用の着物は、2,000円~15,000円位の価格帯の仕立て上がりの着物が多く、近頃人気のブランドの着物を買う他、インターネットや、リサイクル店も利用しています。仕事の日は着物を着られないので、月に3-4回、週末に着物を着ています。3年前、着付けの学校に3ヶ月通い、自分で着られるようになりました。毎年自分の着物のスタイルブックを作って楽しんでいます。東京に置いている着物はほぼ30枚で3分の一は小紋です。その他夏物、ポリの色無地、訪問着、紬などをお持ちです。

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