Tomoko’s Kimono Story (Part 3)


I got this kimono 4 years ago when I went to a Yuki tsumugi producing district as a study as part of the kimono school. At first I did not going to buy anything. But when I looked at this kimono, I liked this color. I heard that the young artisan made this kimono to try out a different color, much brighter than usual Yuki tsumugi. Buying this would support the young artisans, so I decided to get it with a three year loan. It was the first time for me to buy an expensive kimono by myself and take out a loan. I did not know it was possible to take out a loan when we buy kimono. If I couldn’t have done that, I would have given up on buying it. It was expensive, but it must be cheaper than men’s hobbies, like messing around with cars (laugh). The masters at the producing district told me that at my age, we should have a few good quality kimono rather than having many cheap kimono. Because of this color, it did not look like Yuki tsumugi, so it was difficult for them to market it as an expensive Yuki tsumugi, so I heard that the wholesalers would not buy it. Thanks to them, I could see it there. I really like wearing this. It is very light and comfortable. Some young women are waiting to be given this kimono from me in the future.


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