Tomoko’s Kimono Story (Part 2)

This kimono was dyed by my mother when I was in my 40’s. I wanted a dark blue kimono and asked her for it. But she suggested making a purple kimono because the blue dye tends to fade away over time. My mother was in her 70’s at that time. She seemed to want to try to make a Noh garment as her masterpiece. She asked me very little about my taste when she was making this kimono. Actually, I won’t wear this kimono for best on New Year Days. I was afraid that this orange color and the patterns were too bright for me. But when it was all finished and I wore it, the orange color is better than I imagined and everything is fine. I like to wear this when I attend parties now. This kimono and my mother taught me that kimono has a unique and different color sense from regular clothes. I could not discover it if I made the kimono with only my taste. My mother did not wear kimono often, but she always studied hard about kimono from books, in order to produce good ones.


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