Tomoko’s Kimono Story (Part 1)

This kimono was designed and dyed by my mother. This is the first kimono made by my mother which reflected my taste 100 percent. Until this, she dyed some of my kimono, but all of them reflected her own taste. In my 30’s, I came to enjoy my job and got to be confident in myself. My mother must have felt it. Also her skill improved then, so the timing matched perfectly. We decided on this design from her design and study books together. We chose the patterns and colors together. At first, she painted and dyed the inside as practice and then went to outside. It took half a year to finish this kimono. During that time I really liked to see the process and progress of dyeing it everyday after I got back home from my work. I could feel real pleasure in the making of kimono in a luxury way like the people experienced in old times in Japan. Even now, when I wear this kimono I can remember the conversations I had with her. I especially like the part of the white flower patterns. I wore this when I attended wedding ceremonies.


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