Tomoko (Kanagawa)


Tomoko belongs to the 55-64 year old age group, was born in Tokyo and lives Kanagawa now. After retiring from the international company where she worked as a director of the personnel section, she works now as a freelance human affairs consultant and interpretation guide.
When she was a child, she liked to be dressed in kimono by her mother on New Year’s Days. After she grew up, she was dressed in kimono by her mother when she attended her friends wedding parties. But it was not very often that her mother took the time to dress Tomoko in kimono. So Tomoko thought that kimono wearing is difficult and too hard to do by herself. 5 year ago, her mother got sick and Tomoko started to care for her. She started to go to kimono wearing school to keep herself busy during a tough period in her life. At first, she wanted to learn to put on kimono by herself at least, but she enjoyed learning about kimono step by step. Finally she learnt how to dress other people in kimono. Tomoko makes people happy by dressing them in kimono. She wears kimono at least one a week because she takes the tea ceremony lessons. She is going to kimono school and likes to watch Kabuki wearing kimono. Also she wears kimono when she is invited to events. Kimono is easier than the regular clothes for Tomoko, because she can put on kimono quickly and its easy to pick out the right kimono because of all the social rules attached to it, (kimono TPO, Time, Place, Occasion).

11 of her 51 kimono are dyed by her own mother. Her mother liked drawing and painting. She has 10 homongi, 30 casual kimono like komon and tsumugi, others are furisode, tomesode, polyester, wool and cotton.

Including the kimono which Tomoko is wearing, all the kimono in this photograph are designed and dyed by her mother. All the kimono have their own special memories.




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