Kazuko – Influences


When I was in my 40’s, I was given many kimono from many people so I learnt kimono wearing again. I belonged to a volunteer group of reading English books to children at that time and we made a kimono circle with them.

We learnt many things from an older member. The older member was the same age as my mother but she was glad to teach us not only kimono but also how to live as if it was a treasure every day. She became my mentor. She lives in a place far from me but I contact her often and I include asking about kimono coordination to her.

As I got to know about Tokyo after I started to live here, I begun to be interested in Hakata, my home town. I often wear Hakata obi or Hakata weaving products to make Hakata weaving known to people. I learnt that Hakata weaving products have been used for Sumo wrestling, Japanese festivals or works which need manual labor.



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