Nozomi’s Kimono Story (Part 3)

I decided to tailor a new kimono to attend a party for the women who passed the test of kimono culture. It was good timing for me to tailor a kimono to wear on my family’s anniversaries. My husband’s family crest and my parents’ family crest both have bamboo grass motifs, so we feel it is special and my husband and I like to gather some goods which have bamboo grass painted on them. But if I tailor a kimono with a family crest, I would be limited in the occasions to wear it, so I decided to make a homongi or tsukesage which has bamboo grass pattern. I asked my neighborhood kimono shop to gather some tsukesage cloth roles, with this pattern and I picked one which I liked. I was a kindergarten teacher, and I wanted my son’s entry or graduation ceremonies wearing kimono, but I did not want to stand out among the other parents who wore dark-colored suits. Of course, the main characters are the children who are graduating at these ceremonies. So I picked this color. It is sober, so I combined it with a bright colored lining. I have been to pray at the shrine where we had our wedding ceremony every New Year’s Day since we got married, so I wear this kimono for that and also I wore this when we went to pray for my son when he was born. In the future, I will wear it for my son’s 7・5・3 ceremony and some ceremonies for his school. When I get older, and we look at our family albums, I would like it said, “Mother always wore this kimono for each of our special ceremonies.”


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