Nozomi’s Kimono Story (Part 1)

20171001-_DSC0937NOZOMI’S STORY 1 着物物語1
I got this kimono from my husband’s grand mother. I visited his parents’ home on a new years day to greet them before we got married. I still felt like a stranger among in the all of relatives there, but his grandmother showed me her kimono and dressed me her kimono because she was happy to know that I like kimono. She picked this kimono for me. I was so happy that I could feel like I got to be a family member. She was a Japanese traditional dance teacher so she had many kimono. Some were dance kimono with strange patterns, but some were my taste. I got more kimono from her after that and I showed her photographs of me in those kimono on the following New Year’s Day. She looked so happy. She was the first relative who I could share my interest for kimono with. This was my first silk kimono. Before then, I had been wearing only polyester kimono. I was so moved by the wonderfully comfortable feel of the touch, weight, and that there was no static electricity, everything about the silk.


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