Makoto’s Kimono Story (Part 2)


I tailored this kimono as my graduation project. When I was in school, I tailored 18 works like yukata, juban, haori, etc.
I got a white roll of cloth and asked to have it dyed to a color I like. I really liked the blue-green color of the cover of a dust box in the class room and I decided on that color. I forgot to bring the photograph of the dust box to the dyer, so I had to pick the color from the small color samples at the dyers and I picked a similar one. After dyeing, I found it lighter than it had appeared in the small color sample that was only 1cm×1cm size. I decided to use a lining color of either black or mustard yellow and I found the black one first so I used it.
It took me 3 to 4 months to finish it. But I was very happy to make it, picking everything I liked. I have not worn it many times because it is not a casual kimono and so it’s like a treasure for me. I wear it on New Year’s Day.
According to my teacher’s advice, I tailored my kimono’s sleeves longer (56cm) than the usual kimono sleeve (49cm). Sometimes it is troublesome to wear with the ready-made juban, but I like this length because it looks good for my height.


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