Makoto’s Kimono Story (Part 1)

This yukata is the one I tailored for the first time when I entered kimono vocational school. It took about 3 months and I wore it in summer. The most difficult part was to finish was the corner of the hem. I did it earlier than the rest of the class but I failed. My teacher unpicked it and ordered me to sew it again in proper way. I got this yukata fabric for 3000 yen at a shop where the students went often. I did not care about the pattern, but the price was important because it was for practice. I wore a light pink obi with a lace accent with this yukata when I was in the school. This yukata’s style has become a little young for my age now, but I feel it is special so I try to wear it at least once a year. This summer, I wore it with a very “quiet” hakata obi, but I got advice from a professional kimono adviser that my obi was too “quiet” and did not much the taste of the yukata. She said that we tend to pick a “quiet” obi to balance a bold kimono, but we have to think about coordinating the styles of kimono and obi together. Also, she taught me that if we want wear a bold kimono when we get older, we should start to wear it while we are younger to get used to being ourselves in bold kimono. That advice helps me to pick the right style. Next year I will pick a younger style and bolder obi for this yukata.


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