Makoto – Problems


When I wore kimono often, I really didn’t like my kimono to be touched by people without them say anything. Older women especially would come up to me and touch my kimono or obi saying “it’s good.” They would never do that if I wore western clothing.
Also, I didn’t like to be given advice about kimono from strangers pretending to be kind. Once, I wore a straw hat with a kimono in summer. A stranger came up to me and said “it is strange “. I asked a professional kimono adviser about this and she answered that people who do not wear kimono tend to criticize kimono people, and we should ignore them.
I feel it is troublesome that my favorite kimono’s hems are wearing out. If I repair them I need some tools and space and it is impossible now. My kimono taste has changed and I separated them easily but I have been wondering how and where I should dispose of the ones I haven’t worn for a year. One idea is bring to them to a second hand shop, but kimono are too heavy. I don’t want to invite the second hand shop staff to come to my place. I am still considering the problem.


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