Makoto (Saitama)


Makoto belongs to the 20 to 34 years old age group, she is living in Saitama, is married, and is a housewife. She was born and grew up in Nagoya, and her mother dressed her in yukata every summer when she was child. Makoto’s mother has some kimono but she cannot not wear them by herself.
Makoto started to wear kimono by herself because she entered kimono vocational school. She wished to go university after graduating high school, but her mother worried about her future and suggested getting some skill resulting in a job or money. So she had to look for something to study to get a skill. It was a sudden surprise for her, so she wondered what she wanted to do, but she remembered a kimono tailor girl in a novel that she was reading at that time. The tailor girl was so charming and her age was similar to Makoto’s, so she had an interest in kimono tailoring and it was good decision because she wanted to do something different from other people. During the two years of school days, she learned kimono design and tailoring, as well as kimono wearing and dressing. It was hard for her to pick the job when finishing the school, because she had spent no time to get to like kimono for fun before she studied kimono as to be specialist. She had had no interest in kimono before going to the school. Finally she picked a company where she could work in kimono because she liked most wearing her kimono herself, rather than dressing other people or tailoring. She worked in kimono every day until she resigned.
Her kimono collection is 85 kimono. 90% are casual kimono like komon, tsumugi, wool, cotton or polyester for work, since she did not like to work in western dress. She worked in kimono even on the hot summer days, so 40% are summer kimono including yukata. 60% are second hand kimono she bought or she acquired from acquaintances. 7 kimono are tailored by herself.
Her husband loves her in kimono and respects her knowledge of kimono. Makoto and he go out together in yukata in summer, which were picked out by his wife.


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