Atsuko (Tokyo)


Atsuko is in the over 65 years old group. She is a single retired university professor. She remembers wearing kimono on her seijin shiki, when she studied tea ceremony in her twenties and at her brother’s wedding, but she is not a regular kimono wearer. Mainly Atsuko spoke to us on behalf of her mother, Kiyoko, who is almost 100 years old and is living in a nursing home. Atsuko is keeping her mother’s kimono at her elder brother’s house. The kimono collection is mostly her mothers, and is comprised on 23 items, all order made, and passed on to Atsuko from her mother.

Atsuko’s mother, Kiyoko, is the owner of the kimono collection, apart from two kimono which she had made for Atsuko. She is in a nursing home and has only vague recall now, so the collection was shown to us by Atsuko.

Kiyoko (mother) was born in Nihonbashi Tokyo, and she married as soon as she finished school, at 18, a man who was twelve years her senior. They lived in Nihonbashi as a couple through the war, and then they had two children, first a boy, and then Atsuko.
Kiyoko was a housewife, a christian who was involved in the church and sang in the choir and was also involved in the PTA. Her hobbies were swimming and water colour painting. She had a taste for Japanese culture. This is revealed in some of the items in the collection, for example, unusual pottery obi dome, some very nicely woven obi and plain haori with crests and beautiful sarasa designs on the inside. She spent most of her days in kimono.
The collection consists of 23 kimono, half of which are casual summer kimono, The rest of the kimono are evenly divided between tsumugi, komon, iromuji and the necessary formal wear.





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