Kaoru – Influences


I came to like tsumugi because of the influence of rakugo and a book of essays by a woman writer. I love to listen to rakugo and I go to the rakugo theater often. I think soft tsumugi matches the rakugo theater’s atmosphere better than elegant dyed kimono.
I read a kimono essay book in my 30s, written by woman writer who spent a whole year in kimono and I felt some empathy with her and that we had similarities. For example, she also liked tsumugi and noticed that similar coloured kimono, people think are the same. I used to think it was a waste to have similar colored kimono before, but now I do have them. To other people they look almost the same, but I know that they are different. Also I understand her description in the book that in order to refresh herself she just enjoys touching kimono, and she forgets the time when she is touching them and not doing anything else. I do that and I feel like that too.
When I started to wear kimono, I could not get knowledge about kimono and its rules from my parents, or from kimono shops, so I read a lot of books and magazines. I also gathered a lot of information from the internet, too. I looked at it a lot so that I could come to establish my own personal style.


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