Mika (Tokyo)


PROFILE プロフィール
Mika is in the 35 to 44 age group. Her mother came from Yamagata, but Mika has always lived in Tokyo. She used to work as an Master of Ceremonies and performer, but as there is not enough work in that, she now works as a communication and call center trainer, and is an MC as a hobby.
She liked kimono from when she was small because all the women in her house liked it. Her real kimono life started when she was 28 and her mother passed away from an aggressive from of cancer, leaving many kimono. Mostly they were sewn for herself, but some were sewn for Mika’s future. Mika thought it was a shame not to wear them, so she learnt how to dress from her aunt, who was a trained teacher.
Mika is recently married, so her kimono collection is split into two parts at the present time. The chest that belonged to her mother is at her family house, and she has two other chests in her new apartment. The kimono from her mother are very special for Mika. They are all dyed kimono, and all tailor made. She has little room in her new apartment and as these kimono are special for her, she does not wear them often.
Her collection comprises almost eighty kimono. Over half of these are inherited from her relatives. Ten kimono she has ordered herself, and a few are from friends or used kimono shops. The majority of her kimono collection are komon and tsumugi. She also has several cotton ones. Mika likes weaving and she tends to choose warm colours, though she has inherited many blue and cool colours. Mika likes tsumugi. She received some from her aunt who passed them on, and she is learning to enjoy casual kimono style.


最近結婚したため、お母さまに頂いた箪笥一竿はお父さんの家に、新居のアパートは充分な広さがないものの、箪笥2竿を置いています。お母さんの着物は美香さんの宝物です。ほとんどは小紋柄の着物ですが 特別なものなので、あまり頻繁に着ることはありません。


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