Naomi’s Kimono Story (Part 3)

STORY 3着物物語3
My mother ordered this plain colored kimono for me.
Before this kimono, she ordered some kimono to be made for me, but they were all pink and I resisted wearing them. It made her sad. This kimono became precious because I could finally wear what my mother ordered. After I stared to buy kimono by myself, I began to be clear about my taste and I could tell her it. So this kimono is special to me. When I looked at kimono magazines, I could not forget the wine-red plain kimono. I wanted to have one, and I told my mother and she found it at a kimono shop in Akita. So she reserved it and when I went back to Akita, we looked at it together, and I liked it. We ordered them to put our family crest on it, to wear on formal occasions. I wore this for tea ceremony and the graduation ceremonies of high school as a teacher.


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