Naomi’s Kimono Story (Part 2)

STORY 2着物物語2
I got this black Oshima-tsumugi over 20 years ago. I joined a free tour to Oshima island that was planned by the kimono shop I was influenced by first. The cost of transportation and the accommodation were free, and we looked around the artisans’ work shops and dyeing places. Then we were taken to the place where many kimono bolts were stacked. I paled as I began to realize the situation. The other participants started to pick kimono bolts, and then it finally dawned on me that it was a shopping tour. I said “I don’t need anything” but they asked me what kind of work I like and they began to show me those types. I chose this kimono and finally an obi too. I did not have an obi to go with Oshima-tsumugi. I appreciate them because I do not like the typical traditional Oshima-tsumugi pattern, so that they found me this plain colored type. I like to wear this as it is very light and comfortable and doesn’t crease easily. I wore this for tea lessons.

Perhaps I will never go Oshima island again, so it was a good experience and a good memory for me. I have love for this kimono because I bought it at the workshops and saw where and how it was made. When I saw the processes involved in making it, I was really moved. Since then, I came to like tsumugi and have bought kimono from many weaving areas but this one was the beginning of all that.


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