Mitsuyo’s Kimono Story (Part 1)


STORY 1 着物物語 1
This tomesode was part of the trousseau of kimono that my mother had made for me when I got married. There were lots of bright and shiny ones, but I saw this one across the room and I pointed to it straight away. “I want that one”. It is quite subtle and subdued, not like most of them. But I really fell for it, so this is the one I had made. I was afraid that I would never wear it, because I don’t attend family weddings and I don’t think my son will marry. But I was involved in a group that did cultural exchange with university students from overseas. My assigned student was a German man. He had a girlfriend from the Philippines and I dressed her in kimono and now she loves it. Anyway, his friend from the Netherlands got married and asked me to attend the wedding. They asked me to wear this kimono. I have worn it once, so now I am content.


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