Mitsuyo (Tokyo)


PROFILE プロフィール

Mitsuyo is a freelance editor, now single and living with her grown up son. Belongs 55-64 years old age group. When she was growing up, her grandmother always wore kimono. She also sewed and mended them. When Mitsuyo was in elementary school, her mother made her learn lots of typical things. She learned piano, abacus and calligraphy. She hated these lessons and was soon allowed to give up the piano, but had to continue with the others, and says she still has trauma from the abacus lessons. She thinks its ironic that she likes calligraphy now. Her older sister was learning Japanese dance and she thought it looked fun, and so when she was ten she started, finally something that she had chosen to do.

She wasn’t really close to her grandmother, but her grandmother occasionally sewed her wool kimono for the dance class. When her grandmother’s eyesight was starting to go, she would measure out long pieces of thread and then ask Mitsuyo to thread needles for her. She would have to sit and thread about eighteen needles at once, and thought it was a really tiresome process.

Now Mitsuyo works from home and lives in jeans and a T-shirt. If she goes to a party then she wears kimono because it is easy. If you wear western clothes you have to worry about if it is the right style or smart enough. She always wears kimono at New Year, even if she is only going to the first visit to the shrine. If she doesn’t, she feels like she hasn’t done New Year properly. Mitsuyo’s collection comprises 26 kimono, over half of which were tailored for her trousseau or by herself at a later date. She has very few used kimono or ready made ones, but she has 4 yukata, who of which are from her dancing days. A few kimono are from her older sister and one from her grandmother. Stylish komon are the core of her collection.




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