Salira’s Kimono Story (Part 3)


STORY 3 着物物語3
I decided that my budget for kimono shopping at used kimono stores or on the internet is¥1,000 because then I don’t feel guilty and I know that there is no upper limit, so I made this rule for myself. Recently I pop into kimono shops when I go to different places. I was going around Harajuku, and I went to several stores and then I suddenly found this black kimono. It was ¥8,000 which is way over my budget. I really hesitated because it was so far over my budget, but in the end I gave in and bought it because it is my taste and size.
The outside is all black and plain, but the inside is bold in color. I like the aspect of Japanese culture that focuses on hidden parts, like fancy linings of haori (jackets), or beautiful juban (underwear), I feel a Japanese sense of taste. I haven’t worn this kimono yet. I am searching on the internet and collecting the photos to learn how to make a good coordination and I am thinking about what occasion I should wear it.


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