Salira’s Kimono Story (Part 2)


STORY 2 着物物語2
I was given this blue komon kimono from my husband’s aunt. This new year, I dressed my mother-in-law in kimono and we went to visit my husband’s aunt together. Until then we hadn’t had much to say to each other, but the conversation blossomed when we were discussing kimono with her. We talked a lot about kimono and she gave me some. This is the one of them. Until that time, the aunt and I did not have any common topic, but we became closer through discussing kimono. I was so happy. My parents both worked, so I was brought up by my grandmother and I was close to her. These kimono from relatives smell similar to the smell of my grandmother’s place. Kimono from second hand shops do not have the same smell. I will wear this kimono myself when I dress foreigners. I usually like more subdued kimono, but I think that this kimono would be preferable and make happy those people who came to experience Japanese culture.
My mother-in-law works as a writer of advertising material, so she is sensitive to color and she likes kimono color combination. She recycles kimono and obi into bags or interior soft furnishings, but she started to learn to wear kimono since she was dressed by me. I am looking forward to going out with her in kimono.


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