Salira’s Kimono Story (Part 1)


STORY 1 着物物語1
I got this kimono for ¥200 on internet. When I stared learning to wear kimono, I wanted want to practice with and I searched in internet. I often use the internet for kimono shopping. I am afraid that real shops are very expensive and difficult to shop in, but I can see many kimono all at once on the internet, which is very convenient. My priority is the size because I’m 170cm tall. In real shops, there are very few kimono my size but I can see many of them on internet. I feel its safe because the photos of kimono on the sites are very clear and there are close up ones, too.
This kimono is the first one I bought on the internet. I thought it was so cheap that it didn’t matter if I made a mistake, but when it arrived it was better than I imagined and I really like it. I even wore this to a wedding party. I usually wear geometric or stylish patterns, not flowers, but because of this orange colour I iove this kimono. Since the size is rather small for me I went to ask a kimono shop about having it resewn to my size, but they calculated the cost at
¥35,000 and they stopped me from repairing it, because I told them it only cost ¥200. I like it in spite of the fact that there are many stains on it. I imagine the former owner also liked it and wore it often. I wear it with an orange obi, a green obijime and green obiage.


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