Salira – Problems


Because of my husband’s work, we have to move often so we try not to have a lot of furniture and most of it can be constructed at home or folded small. So I can not buy a proper big kimono chest. Now I am in the process of trying to work out the best way to store my kimono. Its likely that the number of my kimono will increase, so it’s a problem I have to think about.
Also I do not have confidence to coordinate because I do not know the real meanings of the traditional patterns or the seasonality of designs. I check on the internet to see if my choices and combinations are appropriate. There are many type of flowers on kimono and obi, but I only know a few flower names. Sometimes I am not sure if it is a genuine flower or an imagined one, and I have to search the flower on the internet, but its difficult to search if you don’t know the name. I have to search by images. I am going to study flowers and their names from now on.


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