Miki’s Kimono Story (Part 2)


STORY 2  物語2
When I started wearing kimono, my mother knew that I was going out and finding meisen from my friends and from used kimono shops. My mother went and dug out this kimono from the family closet for me. Apparently she wore it when she was young, but I had never seen it. Now my mother is resewing kimono into western clothes and this was going to be made into a skirt, but I rescued it.
I wore this on New Years Day and showed her. She was very pleased. I realized that I will treasure this kimono. I was wondering if it was too bold for my age, but it suits me better than I thought. It is easier to wear bold patterned kimono than regular clothes. My mother has now restarted wearing kimono under my influence and we are going out together in kimono now.


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