Miki – Problems


PROBLEMS 困っていること
I do not have much storage space, so I threw away some regular clothes to make space for kimono. In the beginning, when I started to wear kimono, I had just two. It was a good chance to keep my closet in order but now I still have more than can fit in my closet, so some of my kimono are stored at my parents’ place. Another problem is the time it takes to put on kimono. I usually take one hour to finish otaiko-musubi, but sometimes I take two hours when my condition is bad. I try to make the time shorter by using tsukuri-obi (ready made otaiko shape obi) , but this is a problem because I can’t wear my favorite obi. I love meisen and wear often them but I worry about them starting to fray because they are all old. The last problem is my cats.
I have four cats and they gather together when I fold kimono. They think I am playing.


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