Miki – Influences


My parents’ home town is in the Kansai area, so we always went back there to see our relatives on New Years Day. In my childhood, I was dressed in kimono and my hair was done in the Japanese traditional hair style. I loved to go out in that style and hoped to keep it so I could wear it as long as I could.
I also wore kimono when I grew up but I thought that kimono was worn only on formal occasions like attending the wedding ceremonies. So I could not wear by myself and could not even fold it. After I met a friend who was wearing kimono very casually at my favorite restaurant, I thought that I could wear kimono more casually, freely and I could go anywhere in kimono, like to a museum or a restaurant. I woke up to the charm of meisen kimono through her. She provided the way in to my kimono knowledge and I learned casual kimono coordination from her. I always gaze at meisen kimono photobooks and I also was given some meisen kimono from her.
My mother used to wear kimono but not now. She can do dressmaking, so she unsewed her kimono and cut them up to make dresses, skirts and shirts. I have some of them. But she stopped it after I start to wear kimono and she gave me her kimono instead.


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