Miki (Tokyo)


PROFILE プロフィール
Miki belongs to the 45-54 year old age group. She is married and is living in Tokyo with four cats. She is an office worker. She was dressed in kimono by her family members on new year days in her childhood. As she grew up, she learned to wear yukata by herself but she could not wear kimono yet. When she attended formal occasions, she was dressed by her mother.
About three years ago, when she was looking at a cat patterned kimono in a department store, she was invited to a kimono wearing class that cost only 500 yen per lesson. She took four lessons and also learned from her mother, so then she became able to wear kimono by herself.
She would like to wear kimono more often and casually, so she is trying to have opportunities to wear it and so she is attending kimono events.
She has 23 kimono at her place. She especially likes meisen and she has 5 meisen kimono and komon, tsumugi and omeshi. She also has some formal kimono and out of season kimono at her parents’ place.


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