Hiromi (Saitama)


PROFILE プロフィール
Hiromi belongs to the 45-54 age group. She is married with one child. She was born and grew up in Osaka and moved to Kantou area when she was 21. She is an illustrator and a writer, and recently writes popular books about Buddhism. Her kimono wearing is related to her activities with this work, giving speeches and going to events. Her wardrobe contains 34 kimono, a third of which are summer wear and 2 thirds are lined kimono. Just over a third of them are polyester and the majority are komon or striped kimono. She has inherited her mother’s kimono, about a third of her collection and she has bought most of the others on the internet or in used kimono shops. Her kimono are kept in two piles of tatoshi, at the top of her oshiire, a Japanese built in cupboard. One pile is for lined kimono, and the other for unlined kimono.


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