Yukiko’s Kimono Story (Part 3)


This tsumugi ensemble came from my husband’s mother. She ordered this and my husband’s ensemble at the same time and gave us them as a surprise present to make us happy. I wore this several times but I haven’t had the occasion to wear it recently. Tsumugi is said to be good for working wear, but it is a bit too dull to be worn for my work as a guide in kimono in the botanical gardens. Also, as it is silk, I am afraid it might get dirty walking in the gardens.
I was given some other kimono from husband’s mother. Some of them still have the tacking threads in them. She bought them but has never worn them. I have complex feeling about them. I feel happy, but sad at the same time to think that they were bought and never worn. If I got a secondhand kimono from the secondhand shop, of course it is better to get one that looks like it is a new kimono. But within the family, I feel kind of comfort from the fact that someone has worn them, and there are slight stains or tears. I can feel the other person’s life through the kimono.


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