Yukiko’s Kimono Story (Part 1)

I wore these furisode when I was young. One was bought by my grandmother when I was 18, ready for my for Coming of Age Day. But then she saw this second one in a kimono shop’s show room window, fell in love with it, and she bought this one too! So I was able to wear two kimono. I love both of these because the dyeing work on them is so beautiful. My grandmother has a very strong opinion about kimono, so all my family would ask my grandmother about kimono before making decisions. I wore these furisode on special occasions like the Coming of Age Day, attending the wedding parties or my betrothal ceremony. I am planning to make the sleeves of the pink kimono shorter in the future, so I can wear it as a homongi.
I met my now 100 year old grandmother the other day, wearing my dark blue kimono, she said to me that I was too dull. In her opinion, a young wife or woman should be wearing pink, or a flowered kimono. Even at my age, I suppose I am a young girl for my 100 year old grandmother.


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