Yukiko – Problems


PROBLEMS 困っていること
I feel it is troublesome when the kimono I often use fray at the hem. I have other kimono I could use, so I have to think about the value of the kimono before I repair it, because it costs so much. It is also possible to sew on ribbon, but I really wonder if it is worth investing time or money, when I can wear other ones. Then I am really not sure what to do with the ones I don’t repair. I couldn’t give them to someone like that, and deciding to pull them apart for silk pieces is a hard decision to take.

I also need to think about what to do with the kimono I will never wear again, such as the kimono is was taken to the shrine in, as a baby, my shichi, go, san kimono, furisode etc.

If I donate somewhere, I would like to find the right place where someone will treasure them. If I sell them to the secondhand market, I know they will be sold so cheaply that I feel sorry for my furisode. It will make me sad if they lose so much value.



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