Rena – Problems

I am young and no one my age is wearing kimono. If I gather with a group of friends from school I don’t wear kimono because if I do they will be like “What’s up Rena?” or “What happened?” and they will look at me strangely. So I have to wear regular clothes with them, but really I would rather go out in a mix of Japanese and Western clothes, especially if I am shopping in Asakusa or something like that. I enjoy coordinating them together. I like shirts and hats and accessories and especially boyish hakama style. My other problem is that it is hard to dress if I don’t feel well. I don’t like tying things tightly. Sometimes I get travel sickness and then kimono doesn’t feel good. I sometimes wear a two part one or samue, (Japanese overalls). Oh, of course, one more problem I have is that my collection is growing. These are my real kimono, but I have a lot more which are stage costumes. I can’t wear them out, some of them are dirty and some are torn. I buy a lot of things to pull apart and make costumes with.


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