Rena (Chiba)

Rena belongs to the 20-34 age group. She is living in Chiba prefecture, with her parents, grandmother and brother. She is working as an actress, “tachi” sword dancing acrobat and choreographer. From elementary school, Rena loved to perform in dances at matsuri festivals. She loved wearing yukata and Japanese clothing and dancing soranbushi or yosakoi. When she was in junior high school she started doing drama. Rena is very short and she always played the poor little country girl. She often wore torn cotton farming clothing, covered her arms in mud and pretending to pick up food off the floor. When she was 15 and entered high school she had a dream to perform abroad. At this time she started studying tate, the art of the sword for stage, (acrobatic sword dancing). Once she graduated, she went to Paris and she did a solo street perform in kimono. She also went sightseeing dressed up in kimono.

Rena has performed solo and with a group in France, Thailand, Canada, Germany and England, at Japanese festivals such as Hyper Japan, and also in street performances. She has a furisode that she often uses as an uchikake or hikizuri, and she usually wears 7,5,3(shichigosan) kimono. She wears them in performances and also to go sightseeing. She can do this because she is so short.

Rena also does shodo calligraphy and has made a calligraphy short film, where the painting is done on the body. She has now joined a tate group which has seven members. Rena is the youngest member and the only girl but she arranges all the choreography and makes all the costumes by adapting kimono. She thinks hard about how to tell a story in the performances without using words, as the audiences often do not understand Japanese. Rena’s collection includes 35 kimono, half of which are very plain and ordinary kimono from her grandmother, which she brightens up with lots of accessories. The other half are very bright kimono, mostly for seven year old girls and five year old boys. The boys’ hakama looks like a skirt and she wears them for sightseeing.

玲奈さん 20歳~34歳の年齢のグループ。千葉県在住。独身。お仕事は劇団の女優、殺陣のパフォーマー、振り付け師、そして監督をされています。




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