Kuniko’s Kimono Story (Part 4)


These two mourning kimono were owned by my mother. They both carry the facing pigeon crest of her family. This family crest was given by the Shogun Minamoto Yoritomo to my mother’s ancestors. I can associate with the samurai spirit through this, as it has been passed down the generations. I have many cousins because my mother was one of eight children, so I have many memories of a bright and happy childhood, and so I love this crest.
This plain kimono has a fan crest and this comes from my father’s family. It was made for my mother after her marriage and that is why it has his crest on it.
I think kimono culture is wonderful and precious. I will try to wear kimono more often in my life. And also I will cherish the heart of my family, ancestors and Japanese through kimono.


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