Kuniko’s Kimono Story (Part 1)


This is the furisode is one of the special kimono which I wore for my Coming of Age Day. It is a soushibori fine tie-dyeing, kimono, that really takes a lot of effort to produce. My mother and aunt had discussed the making of it, but my mother just said the colour she wanted, and that she wanted tie-dyeing, and then left the rest upto my aunt to sort out with the kimono shop. My mother really trusted my aunt’s judgment in such matters.

On Coming of Age day I needed my aunt to dress me, so I went to her house in Kawasaki the day before and stayed the night. I had had my hair done and so I slept in the kotatsu (at a heated table), in order not to mess up my hair style. The next day I was dressed by my aunt in the early morning and then attended the Coming of Age ceremony. After that I went to a shrine to pray with my friends. I was so happy to be wearing the furisode, and for people to see me in it, that I wore it all day long. My aunt is really good at dressing so I didn’t feel tired or uncomfortable although I wore it all day long. I think this is an experience that influenced me, and made me like kimono.



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