Kuniko (Tokyo)


Kuniko belongs to the 45-54 age group and was born and brought up in Tokyo. She has experience of living, learning and exchanging culture abroad, and in order to use that experience she works as a cultural coordinator, introducing Japanese culture to non-Japanese who visit or live in Japan.
From when she was a child she was dressed in kimono for special ceremonies such as New Year, coming of age or in summer yukata by her grandmother who always wore kimono, her aunt who was a kitsuke teacher or her mother who liked kimono and wore it to ceremonies.
Kuniko has now been to kitsuke classes and has learnt to wear kimono for going out, but she doesn’t yet have confidence to tie the obi by herself. She wanted to wear kimono when she was abroad, but she couldn’t do it. People in foreign countries assume that all Japanese people can wear kimono, but its not true.
Kuniko owns 23 kimono. Apart from the ones she acquired from her mother or other relatives, they were order made for her by her mother or aunt. They always discussed with her what types to buy, so that they could get a good balance of kimono: homongi, iro-muji, komon and tsumugi.


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