Sunaho’s Kimono Story (Part 2)

I have only worn this kimono twice, but when I saw it at an antique market I just fell in love, as if I was plunging off the deck at Kiyomizu temple, and I had to buy it.

The pink colour, stripes and flower pattern cannot be seen in Western clothing. Especially this pink colour, I saw it in an antique kimono book, and it stayed in my memory, because you don’t see it often, and so then when I saw it on a real kimono, I thought it was destiny. I expect the former owner may have worn this as a casual kimono, but I really want to wear it at a party or special occasion. Its very strong and individualistic so I have been thinking for a while about how to coordinate an obi with it, but I still haven’t found the perfect solution yet. It is going to be a challenge. Since I bought this kimono I began to feel strongly that I wanted to wear different things from everybody else.

From my childhood I didn’t want to stand out and did my best not to be noticed, but now, wearing something the same as everyone else seems boring. I am finding a new me. It is since I met kimono that I have started to feel that coordination is fun. To be short is a negative point when wearing Western dress, but that is not so, with kimono. It fits my body really well and I have begun to have more self confidence through wearing the kimono.





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