Sunaho (Tokyo / Kanazawa)


Sunaho belongs to the 35-44 age group. She is single and works as a bodywork therapist. Her family has houses in Tokyo and Kanazawa, so she divides her time between both places.
Her first encounter with kimono was when she bought an antique one, three years ago. She had two private lessons and now continues to learn by watching YouTube. Now she is so excited about wearing kimono that she sometimes cannot sleep because she is thinking of new and fun coordinations. She is trying to go out as much as possible in kimono to events or visiting museums.
She didn’t see her grandmother or mother wearing kimono except for on special occasions. She knows that her grandmother wore kimono when she was young though. So Sunao grew up without seeing kimono as everyday wear.
She has 54 kimono in her Tokyo house, all of which are komon, meisen, tsumugi or omeshi. Half of them are antique and the other half are modern yukata, cotton kimono or wool or omeshi passed on from family members.

東京と金沢にご家族がお住まいで小さいころから頻繁に行き来しています。着物歴は3年。アンテイ―ク着物と出会い周囲に勧められて購入。買ったからには着たいと個人レッスン2回とYou Tubeで着方を習得、ご自分で着物が着られるようになりました。今は着物を着ることが楽しくてしかたがなく、コーデイネートを考えているとあれこれアイデイアが浮かび夜も寝られないことも。できるだけ着物を着る機会を作っていて、美術館には必ず着物で行きますし、着物のイベントにもできるだけ出かけるようにしています。

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