Hiromi’s Kimono Story (Part 3)

This summer houmongi came from my grandmother. I don’t know the origin of it, and have never worn it yet. I think that my grandmother may have been given it, as the tea ceremony people sometimes gave kimono to each other. The stripes are slightly diagonal rather than vertical and the kingfisher on the front hem is beautifully painted. It is a really stylish kimono, and I think that it shows the good taste of my grandmother. I sorted out my grandmother’s kimono a while ago, and got rid of a lot of them, but I could not get rid of this beautiful summer kimono.

この夏の訪問着は祖母のものでした。どこから来たのはわかりません。お茶の人たちは時々着物をあげたり、交換したりしました。祖母らしい粋なセンスがよくわかります。縞は縦ではないし、鳥 かわせみもとても綺麗に描かれています。しばらく前に祖母の着物を整理しましたがこの着物は処分できませんでした。

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