Hiromi (Tokyo)


Hiromi belongs to the over 65 age group. Married, she has brought up three children and has a dog. She was born and grew up in Kobe, moved to Yokohama and then to her present home in Tokyo on her marriage, 40 years ago. She is a housewife who teaches the tea ceremony. She cares for her aged mother-in-law now, with her husband. Her wardrobe contains 47 kimono, of which about 50% are unlined and summer garments and most of the rest are iromuji and komon, with several tsumugi and a minimal number of formal garments for special ceremonies.

ヒロミさん 65歳以上の年齢のグループ。既婚、お子さん3人、犬1匹。主婦でもありお茶の先生でもあります。ご主人とともにお義母さまの介護をしています。神戸で生まれ、横浜で育ち、40年前ご結婚とともに東京に移りました。

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