Harumi’s Kimono Story (Part 3)



The last story is the first vintage kimono that that I bought when I was in my 30’s. It was different in from the kimono that I had seen before, in pattern and colour, and I was strongly attracted when I saw it . The lower lining of this kimono is purple, but when you look at the outside, nowadays we would not choose such a colour. I was impressed by the color combinations chosen this period, they seem unique and fresh in those times. We could get the vintage kimono from around a few thousand yen at that time, and because it was very reasonable, I could go on a new adventure, and I discovered a new me. I didn’t have the kind of obi that go well with vintage kimono, so I also looked for obi that matched old kimono and I found chu-ya obi and that led me to become a collector. There are some repairs on this kimono, and they have been done really carefully. I feel that the former owner really treasured this kimono; I can feel the love. Even the stains on it are details that lead me to imagine the owner’s life, a woman in the olden days. Many of these old kimono are too small for me, but it is natural for me to wear them without ohashiori and just fasten the obi lower because of my experience in my childhood with kimono and my grandmother. Also, that style of wearing kimono is much cooler in the summer season.


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