Harumi’s Kimono Story (Part 2)


My second is story is about these two kimono, which are the products of “Kirei” brand that I loved in my 20’s. I bought them with money I had earned myself. The brand has now finished but the kimono company is still in existence. I really wanted to buy them a little bit cheaper, so I actually worked at the company for a bit, expecting that I could buy “Kirei” kimono cheaper if I worked there, but I got to know that after all the tailoring and everything, the customers could actually buy them cheaper than the staff so I quit the work. This brand of kimono had all the characteristics I loved, light and elegant colors, delicate shading, dyeing without gold embellishment, classic motifs. They looked like the high class women‘s kimono from Edo period. They revived the fine qualities of the work of the Edo, Meiji or Taisho periods. Everything I loved at that time was in these kimono. I still wear the purple kimono on formal occasion such as wedding ceremonies. The kimono with the snow and bamboo patterns is more individualistic so I wear it on New Year’s day.


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