Harumi – Influences 影響

I was born in the 1960s in Tohoku, in north east Japan, and it was common that my grandmother regularly wore kimono and my mother wore it for ceremonies. I remember being happy to be asked to wear it on New Year’s day from when I was five years old. Each year they asked me what my favourite yutaka was and in my neighbourhood it was normal for second-hand and hand-me-down yukata and kimono to go and come around. Until my high school days, my mother read two magazines. They were Utsukushii Kimono and Fujin Gaho.
Every month I would adore the gorgeous kimono in the magazines, but in reality I wore tsumugi or wool kimono, because that was common in that age and in my area. In my 20’s I was influenced by the elegant kimono of ukiyoe style and the kimono brand Kirei, which revived classical styles such as Meiji or Taisho period kimono. When I was in my 30’s, I woke up to the second-hand and recycled kimono market from used shops and on the internet. I just learnt the rules and how to dress naturally, and I have my own special style, so I don’t read kimono magazines.

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