Harumi (Tokyo)

Harumi is in the 45-54 year old group, and is married with three cats. She is working in display at a department store. She has about a 50 year kimono history. She wears kimono very often except when working. She does not care about the size of the kimono she wears, she wears them like men’s kimono without ohasyori and ties the obi low like a man. She has 203 kimono. Her collection is comprised of 88% casual kimono such as komon, tsumugi, and vintage kimono and 12% formal kimono including furisode and tomesode. Also she wears kimono a lot in summer so 25% of her collection is summer casual kimono.

晴美さん 44-54歳の年齢のグループ。既婚、猫3匹と同居。百貨店にて商品を効果的に飾って見せるデコレーターの仕事をしていて、現場での仕事の日以外は着物で過ごします。サイズが合わない着物も男性着物のようにおはしょりを作らずに帯を下のほうで結んで着ます。所有する着物は203枚。88%が小紋や紬などのカジュアル着物、12%がフォーマル着物。夏にも着物をよく着るので夏着物が全体の25%を占めます。

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