Yoko’s Kimono Problems

PROBLEMS 困っていること

I have many kimono that were given by family and friends and so they are all different sizes. They are not the same size as my own haori or nagajuban. Now I am solving the problem by using a fake juban, rather than my comfortable silk one. I think of my kimono in two separate groups. One group is the kimono that I will wear a lot, and wear out and not leave to the next generation. The other group are kimono that I want to leave to the next generation. I have about 20 kimono which I am not decided about. I wonder about what basis I should separate them on. I am also wondering about how they should be left. Should I resew them? Just wash them? Is it even worth the cost and bother of keeping them?
My mother was a kimono professional and so she belongs to the generation that believes that it is worth spending cost and taking effort to preserve them, but I belong to another generation so I’m not so sure, so sometimes we clash over this issue.


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