Yoko’s Kimono Influences



My mother worked as kimono seamstress, so I grew up surrounded by kimono from childhood. I do not read any kimono magazines. I feel that magazines are things I make, not buy, because of my previous job in magazine publishing. However, I have occasionally consulted a kimono book for information on kimono rank, seasonal rules and color combinations. I am a member of the facebook group きもの (kimono) and sometimes post my outfits there to get feedback on the coordination from other members. My mother used to take in work as a kimono seamstress. She used to do it at home in the evenings, after working in a department store. Because of this there were always tan-mono in our house, and I saw them every day. Until I was in junior high school I always used to wear a wool kimono on New Year’s day. It was a typical dark blue, with small red and yellow patterns on it, but kimono was not special for me then.


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